Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2012

Informateur gets one more week to continue with his work

WILLEMSTAD – After reporting his findings to the Governor of Curacao, Mr. Glenn Camelia has received another week to finish his final report. This report has to be finished by November 12.

According to Camelia, the work is progressing positively. The reason the process was prolonged with another week is to finalize the work properly. Mr. Camelia also noted that not because November 12 was set as due date, means that it has to be so. It could be done before set date. It is not proper to disturb a process because of a “deadline”.

Mr. Camelia denies allegations that he was appointed solely by Pueblo Soberano. “I was appointed by all the parties which have gained representation in parliament”, Camelia stated. After he had conversations with all the political leaders he was chosen to lead the process.

Complying with all requirements given by the Governor, Camelia made a matrix in which all parties expressed with who they would like to work with and which party they absolutely would not like to form a government with. This has given him a view of the political arena and also a starting point.

There is nothing concrete yet. There were different discussions during last weekend and only the political party MAN has come out with a press release. According to Camelia there is nothing official yet.

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