Published On: Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015

Information Dutch Intelligence Service has been leaked to criminals

AIVDTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – Apparently, information from the Dutch intelligence Service (AIVD) has come into the hands of criminals. This could have happened after a large data robbery at the Curaçao Intelligence Agency (VDC). This is according to the Dutch MP for the Socialist Party (SP) Ronald van Raak in the Dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’.

He argues that leaked documents show how the former Prime Minister of Curaçao, Gerrit Schotte has been involved in the alleged corruption in the Curaçao Intelligence Agency. Schotte appeared before the court last Friday for the case Babel, in which he is accused of money laundering and forgery.

Headed by a director appointed by the government, the network administrator of the VDC was forced to release all passwords used in the system. All data were then available for a number of Colombians, whom were informed earlier about the security system of the VDC.

At that moment, not only data of the VDC was copied and modified, but also the information that was exchanged with the Dutch AIVD and the American DEA and FBI. Van Raak speaks of “perhaps the greatest robbery in an intelligence agency ever”.

The network administrator gave a detailed statement to the Curaçao Ombudsman after a request. According to Van Raak multiple sources do confirm that the copied information came in the hands of criminals. The SP lawmaker wants Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kingdom Relations to consider the matter and intervene.

Image: AIVD

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