Published On: Mon, Dec 17th, 2012

Intensive collaboration between Curacao and The Netherlands to stimulate Economic Development

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – After an intense week, it can be observed that the relations were improved and mutual comprehension was re established between the countries in the Kingdom.

Prime Ministers Rutte and Betrian have agreed on intensive cooperation to stimulate the economic development of both countries. Also, Prime Minister Rutte indicated that he would like to visit Curacao early 2013.

These last months, the partners in the Dutch Kingdom were following the financial and social challenges currently confronting Curacao. Notwithstanding these challenges, Prime Minister Betrian has succeeded in bringing Curacao back in a positive spot by explaining to the other countries in the Kingdom that we are taking the necessary steps to resolve these challenges in a sustainable way. It was also agreed that the Kingdom partners will have more understanding for the policies the Government of Curacao is applying and the time it is needed to solve the financial deterioration. Essential in the process is that in the political declarations, government officials should choose their words carefully to prevent the creation of negative perceptions.

Prime Ministers Betrian and Rutte agreed that Curacao and the Netherlands must unite in a more effective and structural way to stimulate the economic development on different areas in both countries.

Central Bank

Another critical issue that was discussed in the little “Tower” (Dutch Prime Minister’s office) was the Central Bank. Because the Central Bank is an institution that promotes the effective functioning of the financial system of both Curacao and Sint Maarten, Prime Minister Betrian emphasized that it is in the interest of the Kingdom to resolve the current situation at the Central Bank. It is extremely important to have an operational audit but also a meeting of the abilities claimants.

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