Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2018

Internal investigation at Curaçao Refinery; Director on mandatory leave

Refineria di KorsouWILLEMSTAD - The Supervisory Board (RvC) of the Refineria di Kòrsou N.V. (RdK), or Curaçao Refinery requested the statutory director of this company, Mr van Kwartel and two other employees, on November 14 to take a mandatory leave of absence. The reason for this is an internal investigation that is taking place in connection with the bidding process for the operation of the refinery.

The Supervisory Board has taken cognizance of alleged allegations by third parties in connection with possible strategic partners for the operation of the refinery. In the meantime, the Supervisory Board requested explanations from the director in this respect and at the same time decided to conduct an internal investigation.

The Supervisory Board has now received a presentation from the investigation team. For the time being, the investigators cannot exclude whether Mr. Van Kwartel has been involved in something dubious. Further investigation into his role is necessary to confirm the allegations or to clear his name and his actions as director. In the meantime, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, together with the government, has filed a complaint at the Public Prosecution Service and made a statement.

In order to prevent any possible improper intervention, the Supervisory Board has decided to send the director one mandatory leave in the interest of the investigation. The Supervisory Board temporarily entrusted Marcelino de Lannoy with the daily management of the company. The Supervisory Board seeks to ensure that the regular activities of the RdK (including the CRU) and also the bidding process will not be hurt by the current developments and that the said process can be done in an orderly and transparent manner. The Supervisory Board does not want to run any risk that this process may be disrupted.

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