Published On: Thu, Oct 4th, 2012

Ivar Asjes files a complaint against Dean Rozier

WILLEMSTAD – Former president of parliament Ivar Asjes a filed a complaint against the current president of Parliament Dean Rozier at the public prosecutor’s office, stating that Rozier is guilty of fraud by sending a letter signed as president of parliament, while he (Asjes) is “still” president of parliament.

According to Asjes this is falsifying a document. Asjes filed the complaint as “president of parliament” and also as a “private citizen of Curacao”. Asjes referred to the articles 1:192, 1:193, 1:194, 1:99, 1:202, 1:203, 1:205, 2:3, 2:5 and/or 3:20 of our Penal Code of which Rozier is guilty of.

The complaint deals with the fact that Rozier, without being authorized, has tried to disrupt public order and legal state of Curacao, has and is using, words, expressions, and/or signals, to usurp power and/or public competencies by creating the impression that his actions are legal.

According to Asjes, Rozier has violated the Constitution and the Rules and Procedures of Parliament. In this case, Asjes referred to article 62 of the Rules and Procedures of Parliament. This Rules and Procedures were approved by parliament and published. Rozier has put aside these rules and procedures and therefore breaking his oath as a member of parliament.

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