Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2013

Josepha given update on complementary AOV-committee

WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare (Soaw), Sherwin Josepha (PS), was given an update recently on the progress of the ‘complementary AOV-committee’. This committee, led by Valdemar Marcha, studies which adjustments are needed to mitigate the impact of the new AOV-regulation and the Basic Medical Insurance on the needy. The committee’s task is to present a coherent package of adjustments that offers mitigation to indigent and needy and can be introduced on a continual basis, according to a press report from the ministry in question. Besides presenting suggestions the committee will study proposals from Kolaborativo. It regards both critical matters and adjustments in the package that are to be introduced early 2013, and a complete situation sketch of the social impact of these system adjustments.

“The minister recognizes that adjustments in the AOV-system and introduction of a basic medical insurance are necessary to realize an affordable social security and medical care. This means everyone is to make a sacrifice. Simultaneously, he’s worried about the financial impact on the indigent and needy. For that reason the National Dialogue discussed a minimum income to pay premiums and compensate dental costs and spectacles for this vulnerable group. However, the picture is not complete yet.”


As regards the basic medical insurance a summary of reconstruction measures from the government mentions that people with an income up to and including 1000 guilders per month needn’t pay premium and that Soaw will cover the costs for spectacles and dental care for this group. Pensioners are to pay 10 instead of 12 percent premium. The higher incomes pay 3 percent premium and the ‘nominal premium’. According to this summary, the revision in the AOV-system means the retirement age will increase from 60 to 65 years, the AOV-premium will increase and the wage limit will increase as regards AVO-premium.

Besides chairman Valdemar Marcha, the committee consists of secretary Jeroen Jansen (SOAW), Philip Martis (SVB), Erwin Calmes (ex SVB), Royston Sling (Apna) and Alex Mollen (Mollen Consulting). The committee reports to the minister on a monthly basis and will present its finding in March of this year.

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