Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Justice engaged in investigation bribery Rozier

Dean RozierWILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecutor (OM) is investigating the bribery affair involving former MFK party member Dean Rozier, this is according to a leaked memo from the OM. This was reported by Caribbean Network.

In August 2012 Rozier would have offered his former fellow MPs Pik Pisas and Monique Koeyers-Felida to bring down Schotte’s government. Pisas filed a complaint against Rozier. Recently Pisas said in the media that he has not heard anything from the OM.

Enforce investigation

Pisas then started an Article 15 procedure to force the OM to start or continue with the investigation. Pisas petition was treated behind closed doors. During this hearing it appeared that the investigation is still ongoing.

Five hundred thousand guilders

From the OM’s note it appeared that the investigation started on August 7, a day after Pisas filed the complaint. Both the two MFK MPs and MFK chairman, Rudney Garmes declared during an initial interrogation that Dean Rozier, via telephone and via BlackBerry Messenger, invited the three to come to his house. There, Rozier would have offered the three five hundred thousand guilders in exchange for withdrawing their support to the government Schotte.

Dick Piar

Attorney General Dick Piar, in response to these accusations, ordered a criminal investigation, but for tactical reasons he did not thing it appropriate to detain Rozier and to conduct a raid at that time.


Rozier was, according to the note, not considered suspicious, but was interrogated with caution (right to remain silent). Piar decided still to regard Rozier as a suspect in December 2012 and ordered a house search and his phone calls had to be analyzed. That happened in July 2013.

Blackberry Messenger

In November 2013 the prosecution asked the Canadian authorities to secure the messages sent via Blackberry Messenger and transfer them to the Justice Department in Curaçao. No response was given to that request. Last month, the OM sent a letter again to the Canadian authorities.

Canadian authorities

The Prosecution says now to be dependent of the Canadian authorities. Further steps can be taken partly based on the results of that request for assistance. There has been, as stated in the internal memo, definitely an investigation taking place. Therefore, it cannot be said that the prosecution will not proceed with the prosecution of Dean Rozier.

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