Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Kingdom Council of Ministers wants Premier St. Maarten gone

MarlinTHE HAGUE - The Governor of Sint Maarten must do everything in his power to ensure that Prime Minister William Marlin is deposed. Until then, the Netherlands cannot support the island affected by Hurricane Irma.

This is what Undersecretary in charge of Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops says about the decision taken Friday in the Kingdom Council of Ministers to give Governor Eugene Holiday an instruction that aims to encourage the dismissal and replacement of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.

The Governor is the head of the government of St. Martin and has the task to represent and defend the general interests of the Dutch Kingdom.

“It is a tough measure, but the basic rule is that if there is no more trust from the parliament, you have to leave,” says Knops.

Knops calls Marlin an example of “a politician who has his own interest over that of the population”. Because of him, the Dutch support for Sint-Maarten has been delayed. “As long as he remains in that post, St. Maarten will not get the financial support it desperately needs,” says Knops.

Knops also says that if this issue is not resolved “it can be very good that I will not go to Sint Maarten this weekend as was scheduled”. Whether that also applies to the intended visit of the King, the Undersecretary could not say.

On November 2, 2017, a vote of no confidence was presented against Prime Minister Marlin and five of his six ministers. The cabinet then resigned in anticipation of an interim cabinet. On November 10, the parliament adopted a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

But Marlin then requested the Governor not to replace him immediately. According to Knops, the soundness of the government is at stake and intervention is necessary in the context of the good governance in the Kingdom”.

The hope is that the Governor can exert greater influence on the Prime Minister and the other members of the Council of Ministers of Sint Maarten, leading to the immediate dismissal of Mr. Marlin.

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