Published On: Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Kristensen: “Reforma deteriorates democracy”

ReformaWILLEMSTAD – “Reforma is not good for democracy.” This is according to political scientist and sociologist Wide Kristensen during a radio interview on Radio Hoyer 2. The Political Reformation movement of MFK leader Gerrit Schotte wants to change the current political system.

Reforma calls for a directly elected prime minister. It also removes the possibility of parliament to dismiss the government and it abolishes the coalition system. According to Kristensen, this is only more power for the government way which is bad for a stable democracy.

The current coalition party PAIS is against this political reform. According to political leader Alex Rosaria, the concentration of power in a small group is not good for the development of Curaçao. Rosaria wants a Constitutional Court, an independent electoral council, an academy for skilled politicians and more transparency in the funding of political parties. Kristensen is in favor of this, because these measures allow for more democracy.

One of the Schotte’s motivations for the Reforma is the practice of MPs leaving their parties and becoming Independent in Parliament. PAIS is of the opinion that the party ‘bosses’ have less power just because of this possibility. According to Kristensen that’s correct. “The party bosses are then in fact forced to listen to all members of parliament. Then the discussion will be much more critical. That keeps everyone on edge,” Kristensen said.

According to the political scientist, the political culture in Curacao should be better. It is important that the parties act in the interest of the citizens.

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