Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012

Large parties barely differ

WILLEMSTAD - Fundashon Pro Pueblo, one of the foundations that are part of the movement Frente Sivíl, did its own survey in connection with the elections of parliament October 19. This survey shows, just as the survey from UDC, that the differences between the major parties will be small. And Pais will come from nowhere to be added to the four largest parties.

The survey revealed that MFK will get 5 seats, the PAR 4, PS 4, Pais 4, DP / Laboral 1 PNP 1 FOL 1 and MAN 1. Members of Pro Pueblo took the streets on Saturday, September 29 with a form with four questions. The respondents had to fill their age, what work they do, what their level of education is, what they think about the status of Curaçao and which party they will vote.

In total there were 1500 forms distributed at various locations, such as Brionplein in Salina and at various supermarkets. 1375 forms were returned.

The results demonstrate that the parties MFK / PS / MAN coalition will come to 10 seats. That is just not enough for a majority in the 21 seats in parliament of Curaçao. The seat loss of MAN is the cause of this, from 2 to 1. MFK and PS would, according to the survey, maintain their seats.

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