Published On: Thu, Jul 18th, 2013

Leeflang: ‘Stop arguing about and lets unite parliamentary votes to change the law on basic insurance together’

Omayra LeeflangWILLEMSTAD – It is a pity to see members of Parliament argue about the basic health insurance. This does not have any added value.

I propose for the members of Parliament to come together and vote to come with an initiative to change the law which is massacring the pensioners every month while they are not receiving the necessary care they deserve.

We have noted that even Minister Whiteman finally understands that the law on basic health insurance is a disgrace for the health care.

We have begged the Minister Whiteman as a quote on quote professional to not sign the law when it was introduced because it will basically become a tax law. But he signed and defended the law in Parliament. He signed it with other Ministers. A Minister that has signed the law is worthless and must resign.

Furthermore, the Minister can change the abusive premium of 10%, which pensioners have to pay, without even coming to Parliament. Because this premium is in the national ordinance, thus a Ministerial Decree. This means that the  Minister does not have to come to Parliament to change the premium of 10%.

It is time to stop talking and get rid of this devastating law.

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