Published On: Fri, Oct 2nd, 2015

Leonora: “UTS Director has something to hide”

Paul-de-Geus-UTSKPMGWILLEMSTAD – According to the Member of Parliament for the coalition party Pueblo Soberano (PS), Sherwin Leonora, the Director of the Public Company United Telecommunication Services (UTS), Paul de Geus has many things to hide. Leonora even indicated that he will do his utmost to have the General Court of Auditors do an extensive audit in the company.

“They have to comply with the motion that was adopted by Parliament on December 9 of last year.” This motion, which is to investigate the management of the company, was accepted with 17 votes in favor and 0 against. “What is currently happening in the company is absolutely unacceptable,” says the MP for the ruling party.

This week parliament has received a letter from the General Court of Auditors in which they indicate that the management of the public company does not want to cooperate with the investigation. They are even boycotting the court to start the investigation. Reason for this is that the management is interpreting the motion passed by parliament differently.

Leonora also expressed that he finds it strange that the Auditors, instead of taking legal steps to force UTS to cooperate, they went to the police to request assistance to enter the company’s premises.

“All they had to do was go to court, which will take about a month, and then through the police get free passage to investigate UTS,” says Leonora.

‘There are two possibilities here. Either the Auditors go in and do their work by themselves or through a parliamentary request, which happened in this case.”

The ruling party interprets De Geus’ attitude as a proof that he has something to hide. “I believe that he has something to hide about his management at UTS and its subsidiary companies. There is an urgency for the investigation to take place, especially now that the Supervisory Board has the intentions to give De Geus an indefinite contract, which is something unacceptable,” says Leonora.

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