Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

MAN celebrates 44 years with speech new leader

KoeimanWILLEMSTAD – The political party MAN, recognized by its dark blue party color, recently celebrated its 44thanniversary with an event at the national library here in Curaçao.

The new leader of the party, Hensley Koeiman, spoke during that event and indicated that it was a humbling experience for him to stand at the helm of such an important organization in the community.

The leader also used the opportunity to honor four stalwart citizens in the community. ‘TheseMAN3 people, without question, have a legacy under their name. During many years they have structurally contributed to our community. They are role models for those wanting to do something for their country,” Koeiman said during his speech.

“Our organization has been always considered a trustworthy, serious and capable political party. A party that through the years has introduced laws, projects and ideas that have helped with the development of our people. Our way of doing politics has been characterized as one that vibrates professionalism, dedication, decency, civism and respect,” said the political leader.

Koeiman reiterated the party’s ideologies, which are liberty, social justice, human dignity, solidarity and real democracy. He also indicated that the party is not fully complying with these principles. This is the reason why the MAN has to work fervently to realize these ideologies.

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