Published On: Fri, Jun 20th, 2014

MFK asks questions about contract with Girobank

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - The MFK faction in parliament has questions about the government’s official banker. According to the party leader, Gerrit Schotte the contract between the government and the embattled banking expired on March 1. Since then there has been no news. This is why he has sent a letter with questions to the Minister of Finance, Dr. Jose Jardim.

According to the letter, at the end of November 2013, the MFK had already asked questions to Prime Minister Ivar Asjes about this issue. The Prime Minister answered after the prescribed statutory period of two months and indicated that the questions were supposed to be asked to Jardim and not to him. The party wants to know if it is true that the contract between the government and the Girobank ended on March 1 this year. A three-year contract was signed starting March 1, 2011.

The government has not said whether the contract is renewed. If not, who is now the principal banker for the government? The group would also like to know why the government didn’t talk about this. The contract would also include a so-called 'renegotiation opportunity', which the government had the opportunity earlier to come out of that commitment.

Schotte suggests that renegotiation, or early termination, had been a good option. According to him, in the Netherlands, 2.8 million in cash destined for tax haven Malta was seized. According to him the contract could have been terminated with the intervention by the Central Bank (CBCS), because there was no longer a 'sound financial management' at the time. Also, the party wants to know what the government thinks about the measures taken by the CBCS’ against the former management of the Girobank

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