Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

MFK does not feel much in working with PAR

WILLEMSTAD – Gerrit Schotte will not work with any “traitor” of the State. This includes all those who during 16 years have governed the island and has not helped the people with anything according to Schotte during a press conference.

During the press conference Schotte introduced MFK’s new project names “My Support” which is a basic food package for 15.000 families each month.

Schotte indicated that they are going for 11 seats in parliament which is the magic number for one party to rule all by itself. He explained that they will have to wait for the results and see what the possibilities are to form a government, that is if MFK doesn’t get the majority.

“When you are talking about winning the elections, you need to get the majority which is 11 seats. Thos who pretend to have won, they woke up the next day very disappointed because they didn’t form a  government” according to Schotte referring to PAR who got 8 seats and became the biggest party in Curacao but was left out of the government. “We will not work with traitors”, Schotte declared.

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