Published On: Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

MFK: “Future sustainable cities, is Curaçao one of them?”

WILLEMSTAD - The project that will produce sufficient electricity to power 160,000 average California homes. What is more, the project is expected to displace 377,000 tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to taking 73,000 cars off the road, according to First Solar.

While Curaçao and its current government together with the utility company Aqualectra are introducing the so called “Sun Tax”, other parts of the world, governments and utility companies, which have the common sense to satisfy its clientele with affordable sustainable electricity (taking care of the environment), are continuing with the investment in solar energy.

MFK asks; “Do you want to have you economy under control (both the cost of living and the cost of doing business)? Or do you want oil to decide for you what the price of electricity and water you have to pay?

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