Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Minister Balborda introduces new 30/70 arrangement to stimulate economic development

BalbordaWILLEMSTAD - The Council of Ministers recently approved Minister Balborda’s 30/70 arrangement proposal for the tourism and permanent residential areas. The 30/70 arrangement means that for the integral development of the touristic areas, the government will make the following division, 70% of the area will be destined for tourism and 30% as permanent residential area.

This arrangement was introduced in the first instance to encourage the development of hotels and more rooms. This is because the objective of the government of Curaçao is to generate more accommodations for tourists, with the emphasis on diversity of different levels of tourism, meaning those tourists who prefer luxury and the cultural tourist, who travels to explore the culture of another country.

This new policy is aimed at creating the possibility of urban areas, in the vicinity of touristic areas, to be part of the positive development.

Where there are touristic areas surrounded by residential areas, like Parasasa and Bapor Kibra, the government will look for synergy between the employment opportunities, which tourism generates and on the other hand the local flavor, like the bed and breakfast accommodations, local restaurants, and nightlife in the surrounding neighborhoods. This is the so called community based tourism.

The 30/70 arrangement stimulated a better transition and relation between the different areas and functions and it is sustainable. Tourists and locals will have more opportunity to exchange with each another.

There are various petitions for development projects and the government will inform these investors about the 30/70 arrangement and what this will mean for their plans. All new petitions must meet the 30/70 requirement.

With the 30/70 agreement of permanent residential and touristic areas, Minister Balborda’s objective is to stimulate the development of hotels in a more sustainable way and more feasible for the future development.




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