Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2012

Minister Bodok will recall law on basic insurance

WILLEMSTAD – Minister Stanley Bodok of Health and Environment, announced in parliament that he will recall the law on basic insurance. This recall does not necessarily mean that he will stop with this law, Minister Bodok is only trying to find a broader support for it.

Minister Bodok explained to the members of parliament that he has requested an inventory of all the problems within the ministries of health and labor. This probably has to do with the financial problems the different departments are coping with.

Concerning the law proposal on basic insurance, pensioners have said that the premium which was being negotiated, is too high for them and for other groups in the community. Seeing that the pensioners voiced their concerns, the minister has understanding for them.

The minister believes and suggests that the government should recall all the proposals which were sent to the different advisory councils as soon as possible, because of the pain it will cause to the concerned groups in the country namely the pensioners, whom are the most financially vulnerable.

If the government had reacted to these concerns and the laws were recalled before, then the pensioners would have felt that there is understanding for their pain. The recall does not mean that the law will be stopped, but it is only to see if it carries a broad support and if it is durable and sustainable.

“It is important to do a quick scan of the situation in the Ministry of Health and Environment to see what the situation is as of this moment”, the minister concluded.

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