Published On: Thu, Oct 31st, 2013

Minister Dennis Richardson meets with Minister Balborda to discuss UTS

UTSPHILLIPSBURG, WILLEMSTAD – Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardsonon Wednesday morning met with Curacao’s Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Hon. Earl Balborda with respect to the future of United Telecommunications Services (UTS).

Minister Balborda introduced Chris Peterson to Minister Richardson as Curacao’s nomination to become a member of the board.

Minister Hon. Dennis Richardson said on Wednesday that both parties also exchanged views on the possibilities for cooperation and partnerships between UTS and the TELEM Group of Companies.

Sint Maarten which is a minority shareholder in UTS supports the nomination. Joint approval is needed for board nominations, and Sint Maarten’s candidate for the board was also discussed and the appointment should take place in the beginning of 2014.

Minister Balborda also stated on Wednesday that the discussions centered on expanding the customer base by using different strategies, adding that there is a lot of potential and both parties need to get the most out of it and that they are committed to the company’s successful development.

“I look forward to improving the collaboration and bringing new services throughout the Eastern Caribbean.  We had good discussions and the possibilities are there.  Our wishes both coincide with each other,” Minster Hon. Earl Balborda said on Wednesday.

This was the first political consultation between Minister Richardson as shareholder representative and Curacao’s Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Earl Balborda who described it as a renewal of relations between both countries.

The Minister and his entourage arrived on Tuesday and left to return to Curacaoon Wednesday.

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R, Minister of Justice Hon. Dennis Richardson, Chris Peterson, and Curacao’s Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Earl Balborda.

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