Published On: Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

Minister of Spatial Planning presents integral plan for future city center

plan WillemstadWILLEMSTAD – This week the Minister of Spatial Planning, Suzanne Camelia-Römer presented a the ‘Plan di Maneho pa Willemstad Historiko 2016-2020 (Management Plan for Historic Willemstad 2016-2020) to the different stakeholders that helped worked on the plan. She also presented to plan to her colleagues, the Ministers of Economic Development and Education and Culture. The management plan contains the vision of the Minister, and of the various organizations that have worked on it. The plan is for the conservation and maintenance of the historic city center for the next 6 years.

The management plan must improve the collaboration between the various parties. In the year 2020, historic Willemstad must be managed and guided by a coordination team that actively works within the management frame together with the interest groups. To be able to do this, there must be good communication and sufficient funds. In 2020 many of the plans must have been already executed in a holistic and coherent manner, with innovative solutions for risks such as climate and the ocean.

Based on the subjects a more extensive action program was designed which is only for the ministry of public works. The ministry has to bring all the parties, both public and private, together. Some examples of the action plan are:

Subsidy for the restoration of monuments;
Renovation of the public spaces;
Prepare the mangrove park as an ecological park in the city;
Betterment of the security by installing cameras;
Betterment and opportunities for shopping (Punda Vibes);
Creation of events for locals and tourists (Blue Seas Festival);
Take care of the interests of the residents to make the city a pleasant place to live.

Next to these points the plan also described other aspects to better conserve Willemstad. The recent renovation of Breedestraat, Punda was the first project in e series of the renovation of public spaces in the city center. All the groups of interests were involved, which have a nice result.

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