Published On: Wed, Oct 17th, 2012

Minister Smits signs decree to give Supreme Electoral Council more independence

WILLEMSTAD – It is important that the Supreme Electoral Council can function independently from any kind of government influence.

Only in this way can the community be assured that the elections are organized in a reliable and transparent manner.

This is why the Minister of Administration, Planning and Services Drs. Ing. Cornelis Smits has mandated the last powers which the government had in the context of the elections to the Supreme Electoral Council.

By signing this ministerial decree, Minister Smits made it possible for the Supreme Electoral Council to  function as independently as possible. In addition, any interference in the election process is minimized. “Our community can now be sure that our elections are organized by a totally independent body. The result will be that the elections are organized in a reliable, transparent and in a proper manner”, Mr. Smits reiterated

"One of the tasks that this interim government, which I am part of, has been to organize the upcoming elections properly and correctly. For us it is important that the Supreme Electoral Council, the organization that organizes our elections, can function in the most independent way possible. With this ministerial decree we minimize all possible intentions from the government but also to have something to do with the electoral process. "The community can vote with confidence." Said Minister Smith.

The chair of the Supreme Electoral Council of Curaçao, Drs Geomaly Martes says:

"The chairman, now armed with this mandate, has the responsibility to ensure that the elections are well organized and transparent. We have made every effort to ensure that the people of Curaçao can exercise their right to vote on Friday. It remains for me to invite everyone to vote, make your voice heard, because it's your right.

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