Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Ministers of Justice also cheated with rules admittance foreign nationals

Esther-Cheri-Valencia-Eldon-‘Peppie’-Sulvaran-FOTO-JEU-OLIMPIOWILLEMSTAD - Several ministers of justice cheated with the rules for admission of foreigners. This is according to lawyer Eldon Sulvaran who is responsible for the defense of Esther Cheri in the Valencia case.

The head of the Immigration and Admission organization is in court because of the same fact. The judge agrees to hear witnesses, including former minister Nelson Navarro. Next court session is on September 28 this year.

Cheri is suspected of 9 allegations of human trafficking. This became clear during the first pre-trial session of her case.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, she abused her position as head of the immigration service to provide Chinese and Venezuelans with residence permits.

Photo: Eldon Sulvaran and Esther Cheri. Credit: Jeu Olimpio

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