Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2012

MOT never filed a report with Public Prosecutor regarding Prime Minister Schotte

WILLEMSTAD — Norman Serphos, spokesperson of the Public Prosecutor confirms that the Report Center Unusual Transactions (MOT) never filed a report with the Public Prosecutor on suspecting Gerrit Schotte of money laundering. This message was also communicated to pressure group Fundashon Akshon Sivíl. The group wanted to know if the Public Prosecutor had indeed investigated all MOT-reports regarding Schotte. The Public Prosecutor, which possessed incriminatory documents in 2010, saw no reason at the time to conduct a criminal investigation into the premier.

It appears that what Akshon Sivíl heard from various sources, is correct. According to the pressure group, this confirmation contradicts the previous statement from the government in a press report, which suggests that the Public Prosecutor had investigated the MOT-reports. According to the pressure group, the premier attempted to give the people of Curaçao a wrong impression of the matter by telling lies. Akshon Sivíl believes Attorney General Dick Piar is to be blamed for spreading this lie and the people of Curaçao being saddled with someone who is absolutely unqualified to be the minister-president. However, in a letter of August 1st to Akshon Sivíl, Piar explained the Public Prosecutor is informed only when the MOT considers certain transactions suspect. “The Public Prosecutor doesn’t get to see all unusual transactions, only a selection that the MOT considers suspect transactions. The MOT and Public Prosecutor are separate authorities. The Public Prosecutor falla under the Ministry of Finance”, said Piar.

Only when the Public Prosecutor has started a criminal investigation can it approach the MOT to ask for unusual transactions related
43 MOT-reportsto that criminal investigation. “After all, based on data from that criminal investigation those unusual transactions could be considered suspect”, Piar explained. The Public Prosecutor isn’t authorized to ask about unusual transactions if not from a criminal point of view.

Before the Parliament in October last year, Schotte declared he was spotless. The Rosenmöller report mentioned 43 so-called MOT-reports on transactions in the period 2005 to 2010. According to this report, no MOT-reports regarding Schotte were passed on to the Public Prosecutor in the previous five years. However, to assure that the reports were handled correctly, the minister-president agreed with the governor that the latter take this matter up with the attorney general – to avoid the appearance that the minister-president passes judgment on his own case. After consulting the attorney general, the conclusion was drawn that the MOT-reports gave no reason to conduct a criminal investigation. After all, the reports were made for administrative reasons to the MOT because they comply with the legal criterion as ‘unusual’. They weren’t considered ‘suspect’, which the Public Prosecutor confirmed.

Based on the pile of evidence Akshon Sivíl recently submitted to the Public Prosecutor, the latter may still conduct a criminal investigation. According to the institute, Schotte had made approximately fifty suspect transactions amounting to 800,000 of which 50,000 guilders was the highest amount.

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