Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2016

MP wants clarity on integrity lawyers mentioned in Panama Papers

Omayra-Leeflang-2WILLEMSTAD – Relating to an article published recently where the law offices of Glenn Camelia and Wilfred Flocker indicated that there is nothing illegal with the Curaçao offshore sector, some Members of Parliament asked questions about the integrity of these lawyers.

“These two lawyers appear in the Panama Papers and that is why I have questions,” said the Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang. “It is vital to clarify these questions on integrity of people that are members of the Council of State as well as a well-known law office where both these lawyers are partners of. They have various retainers contract with government ministries.

The question is whether these two lawyers who receive thousands and thousands of tax payers money use the Panama structure for themselves. It is also important to know whether a person who is mentioned in the affairs to evade taxes can be part of the Council of State.

The Independent MP indicated in her letter to the Minister of Finance, Dr. Jose Jardim, questioning these two lawyers, that as a representative of the people who see how heavy a burden these taxes are for the common people, she is worried about the millions of guilders that Curaçao is losing because of people evading taxes.

“Taxes is what the country needs to pay for education, houses, medication and welfare. This is why I ask these questions,” said Leeflang.

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