Published On: Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

Navarro: “I’m not responsible for the crime wave”

Navarro_Ta basta aworWILLEMSTAD – The Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro is not blaming himself for the rising crime on the island. This is according to the Minister at a press conference in collaboration with the Public Prosecution and the Police Corps Curaçao. During this conference, the judicial sector of the island announced the project named “Ta basta awor!” (It’s enough now!).

Navarro made the first announcement about the tough measures against criminals last week in response to the shootings at the Hato airport. What these measures were, the Minister was not at liberty to say at that moment. But now he finally elaborated more on these measures during the press conference.

Police will take tough measures against those who threaten or insult agents. Furthermore, citizens who surrender their illegal weapons will be paid one hundred guilders. The Minister also announced the so-called roadblocks and checkpoints. The proposed measures were already in the pipeline, according to Navarro, but were accelerated by the incident at the airport last week.

The Minister said that he will not take the blame for how the situation has become. “Why should I blame myself for the current situation if we all know that it has been like this for the past 20 years now,” Navarro said during the press conference. This comment came after various sectors in the community has asked for the Minister’s resignation. This call has been intensified after the incident at the airport last week.

The Minister believes that he can only be addressed for the period that he has served as Minister. “At this time I am working on the reorganization of the police force. In one year, we have already achieved a lot within the police,” Navarro said.

Photo credit: Yves Cooper

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