Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

No agreement between unions and government; Atmosphere at Fort Amsterdam grim

RiotWILLEMSTAD - Two hours of consultationS between the unions and the government did not lead to an agreement this morning. Compromise proposals that the government had reached with the consultation platform Kòrsou ta Avansá were rejected by the unions.

In that platform, the fifteen unions are not represented. Spokesman Errol Cova said that the proposals raised many questions. Why is it now possible put the increase in car insurance premiums on hold, while it was first said that the bill proposal was irreversible? And what does “put on hold mean?” the unions ask. Nor is there any indication that there is a solution for the dismissals at UTS and the demanded resignation of director Paul de Geus, and the announced increase in the minimum wage. That is why the proposals presented by the government are not sufficient, said Cova.

In the meantime, STU, the union of small bus drivers, has also joined the group of fifteen unions. This is partly due to the possibly retained increase in the car insurance premium and the government's refusal to provide all small buses with cameras.

Just after three o'clock, the situation around Fort Amsterdam in Punda became grim as activists blocked entry and exit of the government center, so that the ministers could not leave or enter. The police intervened and the RIOT team was also called in.

It was quite the sight for locals and visitors.

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