Published On: Wed, Nov 11th, 2015

No new cabinet, but elections after carnival

kranshiWILLEMSTAD - There will be no new government with a different signature. Both Pueblo Soberano and the Gerrit Schotte’S MFK want elections. These two are the biggest parties in parliament with 5 seats each.

Yesterday, the Governor held consultations with the parties. Of all the parties and one-man groups only the opposition party PAR and the coalition partner PAIS do not want elections, but rather a new cabinet with a different composition.

The chances for an early election is now are now high. This will probably take place in February, just after the carnival season.

Attempts to reach a majority in parliament stranded earlier this week and after a weekend of deliberation. “We're just going to prepare for the elections,” said the MP for the ruling party Pueblo Soberano (PS), Melvin Cijntje. Opposition party PAR was ready to negotiate, but to no avail. “They had a whole wish list of demands and every hour there seemed to be something else. This has complicated the process,” said Cijntje.

There is one major issue with the elections. There is no chairman of the Election Committee, which means that Curaçao is not ready for the upcoming elections.

Responsible Minister, Etienne van der Horst is working on a new Election Committee, but this is scheduled to be presented to parliament early next year. This was necessary after the report of Transparency International.

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