Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2017

No permission for manifestation

MANIFESTANTE RUMBO PA WARDI POLIS RIOCANARIOWILLEMSTAD - The strikers, unlike the peaceful manifestation on the Wilhelminaplein Wednesday, did not have permission for the manifestation at the PWFC building yesterday. This was stated by Minister Quincy Girigorie of Justice yesterday during a press conference of the Council of Ministers.

The minister also had to note a few things about Wednesday's event. Although the unions had permission for a manifestation at Wilhelminaplein in Punda, permission was not granted for a manifestation on public roads and therefore not at the entrance to Fort Amsterdam.

“They did not have the right to block access to Fort Amsterdam,” says Girigorie. “What is always said, namely that everyone has the right to manifest, is not right. You may manifest as long as this does not prevent public order. Now a public road was blocked by activists. That is by no means okay.”

The demonstrations got out of hand at different times yesterday; Here and there, fires were set up and protesters were guilty of vandalism and pollution. In some places, the strikers did not want to listen to the police and they were arrested. In no case was permission granted for this manifestation, according to the Justice Minister. “I regret that!”

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