Published On: Wed, Oct 24th, 2012

Official Election results

WILLEMSTAD - The president of the Supreme Electoral Council (SEC), Geomaly Martes has announced the official results of the parliamentary elections. The votes were counted on Friday, but SEC has checked for inaccuracies. Pueblo Soberano (PS) is now definitely the big winner of the elections. The audit also focused on those ballots which were printed incorrectly. Investigation has shown that there are two misprints which have been discovered during the elections. The misprints are surfaced after the voters noticed this.

Black / white printed
Some voters also mentioned ballots printed in black and white. According to the SEC, it is technically not possible to print the black color and the cream color simultaneously. However, the SEC has paid close attention to this during the audit. There are no ballot papers found using only these colors.

Invalid votes
The MFK has caused a bit of uproar by protesting the manner in which votes were declared invalid. MFK member Amerigo Thode said during the announcement that the ballots were from polling station 37. According to him, it is wrong to explain that the ballots did not pass in accordance with Article 80 of the law. The SEC members briefly discussed this remark after which they showed all the invalid ballots from polling station 37. Two out of 23 ballots were blank and 21 were incorrectly filled out and therefore invalidated.

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