Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

OM: Take Away Team continues for at least two more years

Take Away Team1WILLEMSTAD -  The Integraal Afpakteam Kòrsou (Take Away Team Curacao) will continue with its activities for at least two more years. This was confirmed this morning, August 15, 2016, through the signing of an agreement by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Justice.

The pilot for the Take Away Team basically had a duration of one year, which will end on September 1. The team has carried out many actions in the last year and a lot of criminal assets were confiscated. The Public Prosecution (OM) looks back on a successful first year of the team. But the work is far from finished and the OM requested the extension of another two years for the team.

Taking away dirty money is an important part of combating (organized) crime.

Money is the motive for almost all crime. With the taking away of criminally acquired assets, criminals are touched in a place that hurts them, namely in the wallet. With this approach, suspects cannot benefit from their actions and it makes it clear that crime does not pay. Visible taking away these assets touches the image of the untouchable criminal. Moreover, it is important to prevent criminal profits to be reinvested.

The Afpakteam Curaçao is a collaboration of the Tax Accounting Office (BAB), Customs, Royal Military Police (KMAR), Curaçao Police Corps (KPC), Coast Guard, Tax Receiver Curaçao and the Public Prosecution (OM). The Afpakteam budget is neutral as it pays for itself with the take away actions. The remaining proceeds benefit the country Curaçao.

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