Published On: Fri, Feb 21st, 2014

Open letter to the Consular Corps of Curacao from Venezolanos en el Mundo and Venex Curacao

Curacao, February 21, 2014

Ms. Helga Mensing

Dean of the Consular Corps of Curacao

Honorary Consul of Finland

Schottegatweg Oost z/n

Curacao, Dutch Caribbean

Dear Ms. Mensing,

VenezuelansVenezolanos en el Mundo and Venex Curacao, on behalf of the People of Venezuela and particularly our students, would like to ask for your support for Venezuela and its people from all consular representatives in Curacao. Violence in our country, through the government´s armed repression of unarmed civilians, has become extreme and basic human rights are permanently being violated; especially during the last nationwide events that have been taking place in the country since February 12, 2014 which have already left 6 confirmed deaths and hundreds of people wounded.

As Venezuelan citizens residing in Curacao, we are very worried about our country and the absence of formal and strong pronouncements from international leaders rejecting violence, death, and terror in Venezuela. We believe in freedom of speech, peace, tolerance, diversity, and the development of people and countries; values that are shared by all democratic countries. Unfortunately, many of these democratic values are currently non-existent in our country. Therefore, we kindly ask you for your attention and support to the People of Venezuela in these harsh times of grief and sorrow.

It is known and public that many international human rights organizations have expressed concern about the brutal attacks against students, journalists, and unarmed civilians in general. What Venezuela is experiencing today is critical enough for the international community to react and voice their concern. Venezuela is part of the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights but the international support and strong voice defending Human Rights in Venezuela are essential to echo the fear that many Venezuelans share.

We thank you in advance for your attention and trust you understand our cry for much needed international support due to the current extremely violent situation that has left civilians defenseless within their own territory.


Venezolanos en el Mundo

Venex Curacao

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