Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Operating costs HNO much higher than SEHOS

New HospitalWILLEMSTAD - The operating costs of HNO, the new hospital in Otrobanda, are considerably higher than those of the St. Elisabeth Hospital (SEHOS). That seems strange, because in the Curacao Medical Center, as the hospital is going to be called, much more efficient work should be possible.

According to director Real Estate and Management of the HNO Dito Garmers and general manager of the HNO Gilbert Martina, the costs of the new hospital are considerably higher. An important difference between SEHOS and HNO is that the new hospital has to deal with management costs, which is not the case with SEHOS. Depreciation on ICT and medical equipment is substantial, so the costs are higher, says Martina.

The new hospital employs more staff than the SEHOS. The workforce comes to around 1260, according to Gilbert Martina. This workforce is comparable to that of other hospitals, while taking specific needs of Curaçao into account. An example of this is the number of chairs for kidney dialysis. The Curacao reality is that our island has a larger number of kidney patients compared to other countries.

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