Published On: Tue, Nov 4th, 2014

Opposition party demands clarity on new public company

komapaniaWILLEMSTAD – The creation of a new governmental company to exclusively search for oil and gas in the waters around Curaçao has not been received very well by everyone.

Opposition party PAR finds it strange that the government has established “like a thief in the night” a new company, the Kompania di Petrolio i Gas Korsou (Curaçao Oil and Gas Company). “It is curious that after all the political discussions on this topic, the government goes behind the parliament and the people’s back to establish a company with the purpose to search for oil and gas,” said the leader of the opposition party Zita Jesus-Leito to the Prime Minister in a letter. “This is a testimony that the government does not respect the people and the parliament.”

The PAR has doubts about the good intentions of the government, because the associated legislation will be sent to parliament just before the endZita-Jesus-Leito of the year. It seems, according to Jesus-Leito, that the plan is to rush the legislation and get it approved by parliament as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there is already a director and a board of commissioners appointed and the government can do whatever they want in the drafting of the statutes of the company. They can take uncontrolled action with the property and wealth of the people through the director and the board of commissioners.

Moreover, the government did not act according to the rules of good governance as set out in the law of corporate governance, the party leader said.

The opposition party asks Prime Minister Asjes to send the decision on the establishment of the oil and gas company to parliament, along with the draft legislation, the business plan, the statutes and the motivation for deviating from the opinion of the Bureau Monitoring and Standards Government Entities (SBTNO) on the appointment of a board of commissioners.

PAR also wants to know why the company was established before the parliamentary approval of the legislation.

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