Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013

PAIS: ‘A new era in the Kingdom’

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD – During the Dutch Prime Minister’s visit to Curacao last week, it was obvious that both the Dutch Government and the Curacao Government are on the same line on how the relations in the Kingdom should be.

We can definitely say that a new era has begun in which the Netherlands and Curacao are treating each other on a mature level. The era in which the Netherlands always took a paternalistic attitude towards Curacao is now in the past. The era in which we had an emotional view on the Netherlands (some with profound love and others with hate) and have become dependent on its knowledge and assistance for development, is also behind us now. For the political party PAIS this is a significant step in our Kingdom which celebrates two centuries this year.

During the bilateral conversations with Mr. Rutte, Alex Rosaria indicated that the Netherlands and Curacao has their own particular interests. These interests are not always the same. But this doesn’t have to be the case. There must be more cooperation between the Netherlands and Curacao for their mutual interests. Especially on the economic aspects, PAIS sees a possibilities for a cooperation with the Netherlands. Opportunities to do business together on international level present themselves on a daily basis. In cooperation with the Netherlands we have to aggressively work to reach a better penetration within the commercial world for our products and services. Now that we have a good relationship in the Kingdom and the never ending discussions on the political structure are finally over. There is now tranquility and maturity on both sides of the ocean. Now we can work on issues that are truly important for our countries.

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