Published On: Fri, Dec 27th, 2013

PAIS: ‘Current Constitution is obsolete’

PAISWILLEMSTAD – “The Kingdom relation as enshrined in the constitution is outdated. The Kingdom partners have changed a lot since 1954, but the agreement remain unchanged.” This is according to the political party PAIS in their last newsletter of the year.

According to the party, the Constitution clearly falls short because it did not go with the times and the resulting developments. “With the changes resulting from the unification of Europe, there cannot be reciprocal trade agreements between the Netherlands and the other partners in the Kingdom.”

New partnership

There should be negotiations about a new partnership, according to PAIS, “based on the added value for all partners and mutual interests”. In addition, new ways of working together should be analyzed under the microscope. Curaçao must, according to PAIS, for example exploit the knowledge in the field of water management, public administration, environment and public transport from the Kingdom.

Conversely Curaçao can play as a bridge between the Netherlands and the Western Hemisphere, to serve as an outpost for the Dutch interests in the field of sustainable development and innovation. “The relationship between the Netherlands and Curaçao should no longer be of paternalistic nature, but the growth towards taking personal responsibility and control. The intention is that we learn to stand on our own,” PAIS said.

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