Published On: Tue, Nov 19th, 2013

PAIS wants attention for the International Financial sector

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD – Leader of the political party PAIS, Alex Rosaria, has asked the permanent committee on Finances of the Parliament to urgently meet to deal with some important aspects which have to do with the development of the International Financial Sector (IFS), formerly known as the offshore. A few months ago, Rosaria has asked for this meeting but it never occurred.

The PAIS faction leader wants to know about the negotiations on the fiscal treaty between the Netherlands and Curacao, the so called Kingdom Tax Agreement (BRK); negotiations on fiscal treaties with countries that are economically attractive for our country; the law on export (export treaty) of which the Government still owes answers to Parliament; the initiative laws proposed by PAIS to stimulate the captives sector and also the fiscal changes to stimulate more maritime registrations and finally the steps the Government should take to monitor of our fiscal laws are according to the rules and regulations of the European Union and the Organizations for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Rosaria is worried about the velocity in which these laws are being handled. “Clearly this velocity to change and adapt is important if you want to stay competitive. Next to this, there is the impression that many times we want to be holier than the Pope and this stands in the way of being innovative,” Rosaria said.

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