Published On: Mon, Apr 14th, 2014

PAIS wants more democracy

Alex-RosariaWILLEMSTAD - "More democracy, more checks and balances and more persons of integrity in the government of the island." These are all issues with which the political party PAIS would want to enhance the functioning of the parliamentary democracy in Curacao. According to the PAIS leader and MP, Alex Rosaria more democracy is necessary because power-concentration in a small group is not good for the development of Curaçao.

During a press conference PAIS reflected in its efforts to strengthen democracy on the island. Since last year, the party has engaged in a series of proposals to achieve this objective.

These include, among others, a platform for national dialogue and the establishment of committees to give residents more say what is happening in their neighborhood. PAIS also wants a constitutional court to apply the laws to the Constitution, an independent electoral council and more transparency in the funding of political parties. The party also wants to invest in experienced government officials by setting up an academy.

An important point in the Reforma (Schotte’s reform) is the elimination of the possibility for an individual MP could step out of their faction and become an independent MP. This is called seat robbery. But Rosaria sees this as an important tool to prevent the party bosses or financers become too powerful in parliament.

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