Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2012

PAR: Camelia’s success very small

WILLEMSTAD – The political party PAR estimates that the success chances for Informateur Glenn Camelia are very small. This was announced yesterday through a press release by the vice-president of the party Mr. Armin Konket. “We had our conversation with Mr. Camelia and we expressed our willingness to talk with all parties. But the PAR was not involved in any former discussion, which according to Camelia is because there was no opportunity and other parties did not show interest”, according to Konket.

The PAR, after two conversations with Mr. Camelia, asks if the combination PS, PAIS and PNP are willing to work with them.

Konket: “The Informateur did not answer our question and only stated that he has approached the PAR as the informateur. My conclusion is that the three parties did not indicate their willingness to work with PAR. At this moment I know that PS excludes both PAR and MFK.”

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