Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2014

PAR: ‘Government services must be better’

Zita-Jesus-LeitoWILLEMSTAD - Minister Etienne van der Horst of Government Policy, Planning and Services must ensure that the services provided by the government are optimal. This is according to the new PAR leader, Zita Jesus-Leito in a letter to the Minister referring to complaints from citizens about the government services.

According to Jesus-Leito, the willingness of civil servants is not insufficient to guarantee good service from the government to the people.

“The Minister should be accountable for well trained and prepared civil servants for their jobs. This is why, if the citizens have complaints about the services, we look to the Minister who is in charge of this Ministry and not the employees,” Jesus-Leito said.

In her letter to Van der Horst, Jesus-Leito indicates a series of examples of poor service from the government. Jesus-Leito says that she received complaints from citizens about the government call center, Bentana di Information with the toll free number 0800-1515, and nobody answers.  The MP also mentions the long lines at various departments like car inspections and the Civil Registrar.

Especially the non-functioning of the number 0800-1515 is of great concern for the MP. "It does not work. Citizens should call to make appointments for a passport, driver's license, ID, inspecting cars or to request a permit through this number. But no one picks up,” the MP indicated.

“The Minister is not helping these people. The government does not even have the courtesy to inform us that the number is not working. And when we personally stop by at the Bentana di Informashon, we face a crowded room with lots of people waiting to be helped.”

The PAR faction in Parliament believes that the government should ensure a quality service which they offer to the people.

“This situation needs to be improved quickly,” Jesus-Leito said.

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