Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

PAR informed the Informateur that PS, MFK and MAN are the ones who should form a government

WILLEMSTAD – PAR, just like other parties which have gained seats in parliament during last elections, received an invitation from the informateur, Mr. Glenn Camelia, to have a meeting with him. The meeting took place on Saturday October 27, 2012.

What the Informateur desired to know was if the PAR had any preferences in working with certain parties or if PAR excludes other parties in an eventual government formation. The Informateur also wanted to know how the PAR will attend to the different challenges facing the government of Curacao.

PAR interprets the repartition of the seats in parliament (5-5-4-4-2-1) as a clear message that the voter does not appreciate the hostility and agitation between the political parties. Therefore PAR has informed the Informatuer that it is willing to work with all political parties and consequently will not exclude any party.

It was an election called by Gerrit Schotte in which the people had the opportunity to judge the 2 years of Government Schotte. The three parties which formed the Government gained 10.089 more votes than last elections and went from 11 to 12 seats in parliament. These three parties have seen an increase of 49% to 53% of casted votes. Therefore the PAR is of the opinion that these three parties should have the first option to form a government.

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