Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012

PAR or MAN may join the political government

WILLEMSTAD – At the time that the transition cabinet will transform into a political cabinet, the parties PS, PAIS, PNP and independent member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran will be open to a possible participation of PAR or MAN.

The parties announced this to the member of parliament and PAR president Zita Jesus-Leito (PAR) last Friday when they came together. Jesus-Leito showed the leaders of the parties again that PAR gladly wanted to be part of the formation of a government, but this time the yellow party missed the boat.

The options will be open again in six months however. The leaders have expressed this, although the PAR was prepared to be part of the transitional govern, but that was not an option. The leaders of the forming parties together with independent member of parliament Glenn Sulvaran have indicated that the participation of PAR and MAN will be considered at the moment negotiations starts for the news political government next year. The member of parliament and PAR president announced that the PAR will take place along MAN and MFK in the opposition benches in parliament and will constructively work in the interest of Curacao.

Reflecting on the whole formation process, which was put in motion after the elections of October 19, PAR says that they did everything possible to be part of the government so it can work on solutions to the financial problems the country is facing. “For the PAR it is clear that the other parties were not willing to sit in a government with PAR,” Jesus-Leito declared.

Because the parties indicated then that they prefer a broad support for the government in parliament, the PAR has sent a letter dated November 21 to the formateur explaining their intention to cooperate with the formation of a government. On November 26, the formateur wrote back telling the PAR that it is up to the forming parties if they are willing to work with the PAR.

The three parties PS, PAIS and PNP together with the independent member Glenn Sulvaran have formed a transitional government with professionals which has to solve Curacao’s financial and social problems in six months. This government will be appointed in January 2013.

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