Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2012

PAR possibly involved in government formation

WILLEMSTAD — The parties PS, Pais, PNP and independent member of parliament Glenn Sulvaran have decided to approach the political party PAR. These three parties and the independent member are of the opinion that their current basis of eleven seats in Parliament is too small.

A coalition between the PS, Pais, PNP and the PAR seemed to founder last Friday when party member Glenn Sulvaran dissented from his party to sign the willingness declaration agreed by the parties, as eleventh and last parliamentarian. The split with Sulvaran was a hard blow for the PAR. Although this was mentioned during the press conference, PAR-leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage indicated the yellow party is still prepared to negotiate with all parties. The party also stated they had wanted to sign the declaration of intent last Friday.

During the first conversation the forming parties agreed that the PAR would be approached. Although all present parties endorse the proposal they have doubts on how to go about it. One possibility is to realize this under command of the newly appointed formateur. In the meantime the other informal contacts between the negotiating parties and people around the PAR have begun. In their contacts the forming parties don’t wish to use sensitive words like ‘shove on’ or ‘include’, but rather express this as ‘expansion of the current basis’ and ‘extend a hand’.

The forming parties emphasize they’re not prepared to wait forever for PAR to expand the current basis. They want a gesture from the PAR this week. For that matter during their first meeting the parties haven’t made any concrete agreements on the further details regarding their collaboration. The parties did discuss the tasks of the upcoming assignment government.

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