Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

PAR wants to talk about future oil refinery

ZitaWILLEMSTAD – In a letter to the coalition partners, PAR’s faction leader Zita Jesus-Leito requests a meeting to discuss the future of the oil refinery. According to Jesus-Leito the Multi Disciplinary Project Team (MDPT), which is responsible for the future of the refinery on behalf of the government, has not given any report in months.

Jesus-Leito expresses her concern about the lack of clarity regarding the future of the refinery.

The lease agreement with the Venezuelan state oil company PdVSA expires in 2019 and at present it is not clear what will happen in that year. The PAR is also concerned about the precarious situation in Venezuela.

Jesus-Leito indicates that PDVSA has serious liquidity shortages due to the low oil prices, which not only affects the company, but also the entire country.

Jesus-Leito is very concerned about what the consequences could be for Curaçao if the situation in Venezuela persists.

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