Published On: Tue, Feb 26th, 2013

Parliament postpones meeting on SOAB reports

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD – The Parliament of Curacao has postponed the public meeting which was started yesterday till next notice. Reason: The Government needs more time - about a week -  to answer the questions.

This decision was a bit strange considering that the Parliament has not asked many questions. This meeting was about the Government Accountants Bureau’s (SOAB) report from last October relating to the developments at the Curacao Oil Refinery, Utility Holding (Aqualectra), Curoil and Bureau Telecommunication, Post and Utilities.

The PAR faction in Parliament has requested this public meeting after the debate in the Central Committee. This issue has to be debated in a public meeting because the situation is alarming. Besides, the Parliament can only take a concrete actions in a public meeting, according to Armin Konket.

Konket stated that what he has seen in Parliament was truly breaking the rules of good governance on all level. There are no information on the property transfer of Integrated Utility Holding to Curacao Oil Refinery. Last week it was revealed that the Oil Refinery has to pay Aqualectra 53.8 million for the transfer of 49% of the BOO shares, a transfer which was recorded as 1 guilder in the books.

Various members of Parliament took the opportunity to ask questions. PNP leader Humphrey Davelaar, Omayra Leeflang (PAR), Elmer Wilsoe (PS) and Hensley Koeiman. Koeiman stressed on the importance of investigating the funds, what happened to it and take measures where necessary.

The opposition was very critical on the way former Cabinet Schotte dealt with these issues. Minister Ben Whiteman, on behalf of Prime Minister Daniel Hodge, said that he needed time to prepare to answer these questions. This is the reason why the President of Parliament postponed the meeting till next notice.

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