Published On: Wed, Oct 8th, 2014

Parliament rejects amendment Sanction Law

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD – The Parliament of Curaçao did not accept an amendment to the Sanctions Law proposed by the coalition party PAIS. Only PAIS, Independent MPs, Glenn Sulvaran and Omayra Leeflang voted for the bill. 11 MPs rejected it.

With this amendment, the ruling party wanted to create the space for Curaçao to present an objection before the European Union in case there is a sanction against a country with financial ties to the island, meaning that the sanction could pose an economic of financial problem for Curaçao.

According to the leader of the party, Alex Rosaria, when it comes to international treaties, the Netherlands is required to consult with Curaçao, but that requirement does not apply when its a Kingdom Law. “We wanted to create that possibility with this amendment,” said Rosaria. According to the PAIS MP, some of the Members of Parliament believe that the Netherlands has to consult with Curaçao even when its a Kingdom Law. This is absolutely not the case.

In mid-August this year a majority in Parliament voted against the Sanctions Law, including the party of the Prime Minister, the Pueblo Soberano (PS). Premier Asjes thereby suffered a heavy defeat because his own faction. Netherlands then came up with a Kingdom Law, which has the same effect as the Sanction Law.

The Sanction Law gives the European Union the possibility to impose sanctions to countries, groups, individuals who make themselves guilty of e.g. terrorism, human trafficking, etc. 

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