Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

Parliamentary committee reviews credentials of seven new MPs

WILLEMSTAD – This morning a special committee appointed by the President of the Parliament of Curaçao consisting of Marilyn Alcala-Walle, Giselle McWilliam and Elsa Rozendal reviewed the credentials of seven new Members of Parliament. Of each of those seven new MPs, the committee reviewed eight documents.

These documents are:

  1. Notification of Supreme Electoral Council (SEC) that candidate was selected as MP;
  2. Statement by the President of the SEC that the candidate was chosen in accordance with the electoral regulations;
  3. Statement by the SEC to Parliament that the candidate will take its place in Parliament;
  4. Extract from the candidate's registration;
  5. Birth extract of the candidate;
  6. Declaration that during the election campaign candidate has not acted against the Ordinance Finance Political Groups;
  7. Statement candidate that he has not acted against procedures that are compatible with the function of MP;
  8. Declaration that the candidate and his wife hold the following functions in the service of the country.

According to the three committee members, all the documents have been reviewed and are in order. The seven new Members of Parliament are

  1. Gassan Dannawi;
  2. Yael Plet
  3. Curtley S Obispo
  4. Stephen Walroud
  5. Mac Cijntje
  6. Sherwin Leonora
  7. Henny Reinilia

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