Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Parties want to declare pre-election round invalid

P1060455WILLEMSTAD – Five political groups wants the court to declare the pre-election round of two weeks ago invalid. According to the lawyer who represents these parties Quincy Girigorie they have major objections to the manner in which the pre-election round was held. “This undermines our democracy and it raises additional barriers to make it virtually impossible for the new smaller parties to participate in the upcoming elections of September 30,” said Girigorie.

“Just look at the limited number of polling stations. This is just one example of things that work against the new parties.”

The five parties are Forsa Eleva (FE), Partido Koperativista Patriotiko (PKP), Frente Obrero Liberano 20 di Mei (FOL), 1 Team Magno and Korsou, Un Pais Nobo (UPN). They believe that the pre-election round was not fair and it discriminates against the new parties.

Even before the pre-election round the lawyer was already discussing with the political leader of FE, Richard Hooi about the possibility to file a lawsuit against the Supreme Electoral Council (SEC). This was supposed to take place before the pre-election, but the lawyer and his client did not come to it to submit their case on time. But after the announcement of the results, the five parties met to discuss possible actions they can take against the SEC.

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