Published On: Fri, May 3rd, 2013

Pensioners are protesting once more

protest pensioners 3
-  Curacao pensioners have taken the street of downtown Willemstad again to protest the austerity measures taken by the Transitional Government. This morning a large group went to Fort Amsterdam to talk to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance about the increase in sales tax, the basic health insurance and other measures taken to remediate the financial situation of the island.

According  to the pensioners, these measures will bring more poverty especially among those retired. They are also concerned that the measures only apply to the “small” people and not those with higher income. The protesters demanded the Government to stop with the measures.

The Transitional Government was appointed by the three coalition parties, Pueblo


Soberano (PS), PAIS and PNP and also Independent Member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran to start the process of remediate the financial situation of the island. The Transitional Government led by Prime Minister, Daniel Hodge,

protest pensioners

started by turning in a balanced budget to Parliament. Afterwards they took a series of austerity measures to help lift the public finances.

Images: Notisia360

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