Published On: Wed, Oct 15th, 2014

Pharmacies in dire situation – Bankruptcy requested

medicine_10-4-09WILLEMSTAD – Rescue plans of the Cooperativa di Consumo Botica Wilhelmina (Cooperative Pharmacy Wilhelmina) (CCBW) for three pharmacies, Botica Plasa, Botica Montaña Abou and Botica Banda Bou have hit a major bump on the road.  More than half of the 38 employees of these three pharmacies have filed for bankruptcy of the organization.

Employees have been without a salary for four months now. CCBW has requested deferred payment and this was granted by the Court of First Instance on October 14. Robert Bottse of HBN Law has been appointed as administrator and a first meeting of creditors is planned for December 19.

The monthly pay roll of CCBW is about 90,000 guilders, according to the CCBW. There is already an agreement on the opening up of the savings and provident fund, so the workers can receive some payment. Furthermore CCBW is talking about opening up the pension fund.

CCBW also claims to have learned that not all employees are behind the bankruptcy petition. "We explained to the employees that should they request bankruptcy, all creditors will come forward to claim their share. Not only suppliers but also Aqualectra, the Tax Collector and so one. These examples of preferential creditors.

As early as March of this year it became clear that there should be a solution for CCBW, because for a long time it did not go well with the organization. Debts piled up, creditors could not be paid, the shelves were empty and the supply of drugs ran out. Three months ago, the three botika's finally closed the doors.

Minister of Public Health, Ben Whiteman was not available for comments.

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