Published On: Fri, Jun 20th, 2014

Pisas: Premier Asjes favors friends and family and now squanders 1.2 million

pisasWILLEMSTAD – The Member of Parliament for the opposition party MFK, Pik Pisas indicates in a press release that it is a shame to see how the current coalition is accepting everything from each other just to avoid the fall of the government.

“These parties have promised the people of Curacao during their political campaigns that they will form a clean government, a government that will not be stained by corruption. But these are the same parties now that are accepting everything and especially in this case, from Prime Minister Ivar Asjes,” Pisas said in his press release.

The MP went on explaining what he means by accepting everything Premier Asjes does.

Pisas: “These are just some examples of what the Prime Minister is doing that are against the principles of good governance.

Mrs. Marvelyne Wiels, who lied to the formateur and parliament on her resume.

  • Mrs. Marvelyne Wiels, who fired one employee at the Curacao House out of personal vendetta and at the end the Prime Minister had to pay this person 300.000 guilders in compensation.
  • Mrs. Marvelyne Wiels spend an enormous amount of money to supposedly fix the Curacao House in The Hague, without the approval of the Council of Ministers (RvM).
  • Appointing a new Director for the public company Refineria di Korsou (Curacao Oil Refinery) against all advice from the proper institutions.
  • Funds, which were destined for the official sports institution SEDREKO, was reallocated to another organization, which ensured the end of SEDREKO.
  • 250.000 guilders went to a brother in law without public tender.
  • The project for the renovation of the Sentro Pro Arte was given to only one person.

If that is not enough, Ivar Asjes established a sports institute paying 1.2 million guilders in consultancy fees, without following the rules of good governance," Pisas explained.

The MFK politician indicates that on May 10, 2012 Pueblo Soberano presented the project for a National Institute of Sports and parliament unanimously voted in favor of this proposal. The question now is what happened within the Prime Minister’s party, which caused them to come with a completely new organization that costs so much money. The original plan would be implemented along with SEDREKO and would cost only 25,000 guilders.

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